It is an on-line / off-line system designed for practical use. Execution of the transaction itself leaves a trail for formal accounting.Executing electronic transactions need not be the privilege of only the Large Enterprises any more!


It’s Quiz in Game Format where viewers are participants and participants are viewers. The Questions will appear on the screen with Clues like images, videos, or sound clips.The Answers are available only on the coupons distributed...


A computer touch screen system, that the Guild members claimed was being deployed for the first time in an election to an entertainment industry body, facilitated in the announcement of the results just fifteen minutes after the voting got over.

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Nebula Solutions Ltd. is an innovative product and solutions development company based in Chennai, India. The DNA of Nebula is intellect, innovation and experience. We specialize in identifying key technology trends at their early stages and translating technology into business advantage via production implementations.

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